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The truth matters.
So do you &
your career. your rights. your protection.

Our mission is to ensure all public interest whistleblowers are protected, have access to justice, and can make a difference.

James and West Law represents whistleblowers who have identified serious wrongdoing or risk in the workplace.

With decades of experience working with thousands of whistleblowers, we have unrivalled knowledge of the whistleblowing landscape.

We understand the sensitive position whistleblowers may be in, the complexities of how, where and when to raise issues and how best to navigate difficult situations and the resolution process.

We provide strategic, tactical and tailored advice, support and representation to whistleblowers at any point in their journey.

We are committed to finding the best possible outcome for our clients, one that protects their reputation and ensures their concerns are heard.

Our Services

Our prices range from £180 to £490 plus VAT per hour, depending on your means, complexity of the case and the seniority of the solicitor at James & West. We provide services on an hourly or fixed fee basis and also cater to individuals who wish to manage their own case with expert advice at the right time. Individuals are encouraged to review their home insurance or other insurance policies to see whether they have legal cover (usually called Legal Expenses Insurance).

Where there is a clear and serious public interest issue or serious risk of harm, we will also consider damage based agreements (“no win, no fee”) if any claim has good prospects. It is likely you will need to invest in our time to review your claim on this basis before we are able to agree to such an arrangement, as we will need to undertake a merits assessment. This usually takes between four and six hours.

If you are on a lower income, we will also do our best to offer high value, low cost, fixed fee work for discreet pieces of work to help you set up your claim, or provide expert advice at key milestones in your claim.

Cases can take from two weeks to 6-12 months, or longer, if a case continues to a full hearing. We can assist at any stage in your employment matter and are always happy to have an initial conversation about your case to set out how we might assist.

Whistleblowing claims can be complex and seeking advice early will ensure you prepare your case well and can make informed choices about how, when, or if, to proceed.

Examples of key stages:

  • Blowing the whistle and how best to protect your position and career
  • What to do if you start to be treated badly (e.g. demotion, hostile treatment, unfair performance criticism) known as ‘detriments’
  • Grievance or disciplinary proceedings
  • Exit, severance or settlement
  • Merits of claim
  • Drafting your claim
  • Preparing a schedule of loss
  • Preparing for disclosure and review of respondent’s documents
  • Ongoing negotiations
  • Preliminary hearings
  • Representation through to full hearing

Meet the Team

Francesca and Cathy have been working with whistleblowers and have specialised in whistleblowing law since 2005.

Cathy and Francesca worked at Protect, the whistleblowing charity, for 14 years each, both having a tenure as Chief Executive.

While at Protect they advised thousands of whistleblowers, UK and foreign governments on the development of whistleblowing law as well as supporting many NGOs across the globe as they developed whistleblowing support and protection locally.

Additionally, they developed standards for whistleblowing in companies, trained hundreds of managers and worked with organisations to provide safer systems for their staff to speak up.

Francesca and Cathy also oversaw Protect’s third party intervention into all Supreme Court whistleblowing cases in the last 15 years, including Clyde & Co LLP and another v Bates van Winklehof and Gilham v Ministry of Justice.  They also oversaw Protect’s intervention in the Court of Appeal in Osipov v Timis & Sage.

On leaving Protect, they recognised the need for a specialist service for whistleblowers who need access to the law and expert advice on any potential claim.

In 2022 they opened James & West Law, a boutique law firm for the protection of whistleblowers and the resolution of public interest concerns.

To find out more about us, click on our profile images.

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“Continue with your good work in helping people like me.”

I just want to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You and Francesca gave me hope and the confidence to continue and fight this. I was literally in a very bad way mentally and physically. Just from the offset Francesca listened and understood and only then I felt reassured that someone is listening to me. To be honest with you, you guys saved my life!

I was then passed over to you, again I was heard and listened to. The work you carried out was exactly 100% correct. Nothing had to be changed. This shows you listen to your clients and you want the best for your clients. Thank you Francesca, and Thank you Cathy sooooo much. You are the best. Absolutely amazing! You were spot on.

Continue with your good work in helping people like me on benefits with no voice no strength and no confidence to gain back her voice, her strength and confidence. There are Solicitors who have empathy like yourself.

Contact us

For a free 30-minute consultation to set out how we might assist please contact us using the details below or complete our web form and we will get back to you. Please note we will not be able to give you tailored legal advice during the consultation.

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